Plastic surgery in Dominican Republic

Our practice is located in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, more specifically in the Eastern part of the city. Founded in 1496, is considered the oldest city of America. It has 56 restored colonial monuments within the Colonial City, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990. On contrast, in Downtown Santo Domingo you will find state of the art shopping centers and entertainment establishments, full of restaurants and cafes. Today, Santo Domingo is a Cosmopolitan city of over 3 million inhabitants, where you combine the romanticism of the colonial part, with the 21st century modernity; being the East Santo Domingo the most developed area of the last decade, with a tendency to grow even more.

Why Dominican Republic for you to have your plastic surgery?

  • ProfessionalismOur facilities and our team, led by Dr. Estévez, accomplish all the conditions necessary for the practice of plastic surgery. Dr. Estevez is accredited both nationally and internationally, while our facilities are strictly supervised by the Ministry of Public Health of the Dominican Republic, who certify that it complies with all of the atention protocols. Under these standards, you can be sure that your health is in good hands.
  • HospitalityDespite the importance of having surgery in expert hands, it is demonstrated that nothing helps more to get a good recovery than human warmth. The Dominican people are characterized by their joy and kindness, where you are always greeted with a smile. If we add to this the training of our staff who give you their support in the post-surgical state, we have no doubt that your stay in our country is going to be a pleasent one.
  • AccessibilityLocated in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is in the heart of the American continent. The Las Americas International Airport is just within minutes from our facilities, from where you’ll find easy connections to the United States, Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Lower CostsWhy pay more to get the same attention? In the Dominican Republic the costs of health care are much lower than in most developed countries. This allows us that, without neglecting the quality of materials and medicines, we can offer lower prices for you: our patients.

Packages for travelers - Virtual Consultation with Dr. Estevez

As a manner of facilitating the preparation for the patients from abroad, Dr. Estevez allows you to make an initial “virtual consultation” in order to get prepared for your trip. With that mechanism, in a strictly confidential and direct way, you get in contact with Dr. Estevez by email, and explain your interests. Along with your email, photographs are solicited in specific angles to help compliment your evaluation, and that way you will get a preliminary conclusion about the procedures that could best apply in your case, and the approximate cost (obviously, when you arrive, a complete physical exam is performed to personally assess your clinical condition).

Then, along with our team, we accompany you in the process of preparating for surgery, offering you a flat fee that includes all clinical expenses, pre-surgical labs and evaluations, surgical expenses, anesthesia, post-surgical follow-up consultations, lymphatic drainage massage (if necessary) and post-surgical garment.

Don’t let the opportunity to perform the surgery you’ve always wanted, in a beautiful caribbean Paradise, pass by. For more touristic information, and a listing of places to stay, please visit:

How to get there?

The Dominican Republic has 5 international airports that have direct connections to major cities worldwide. The Las Americas International Airport (SDQ), just 25km from our facility, has a direct connection to New York, Miami, Boston, and other cities of the east coast of the United States, Panama (and from there to the rest of Latin America); Madrid and Paris, and from there to the rest of Europe.

Once in the country, it is easy to move in the city via taxi. If necessary, airport-hotel-airport transportation, along with transportation to and from your place of accommodation to the clinic can be arranged beforehand. If you are interested in these additional services, please request them during your virtual consultation.

Rest of the country

Outside the city, you will find a country full of spectacular Caribbean landscapes, with white sandy beaches everywhere. If you are someone who likes mountain tourism, inland you can find areas for rafting, hiking, among other activities.

We invite you to take into account all these advantages of getting your surgery done in the Dominican Republic, and decide to visit us.