Dr. Rafael Estevez takes part of important scientific meetings in September

Dr. Rafael Estevez takes part of important scientific meetings in September

As part of the continuous medical education process that every certified plastic surgeon must follow, Dr. Rafael Estévez Hernández , Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon of the Dominican Republic, participated this month in two major scientific meetings.

The first was in the XV Dominican Congress of Plastic, Aesthetic Rec0nstructiva organized by the Dominican Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery ( SODOCIPRE ). This meeting took place in the Crowne Plaza Santo Domingo Hotel (formerly known as Hotel V Centenario) September 12 to 14.

The activities began on the 11th of this month with the Pre – Congress Course entitled ” Latest Developments and Utility of Fat Transfer”. The course was led by renowned Peruvian plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos E. Wiegering , who coordinated the course , an conducted an important practical workshop where he demonstrated the latest techniques for handling this valuable tissue.

Formal activities of the meeting developed during the 12th, 13th and 14th of September with the participation of many national exhibitors and international exhibitors from the likes of Dr. Osvaldo Saldanha (Brazil), Dr. Patricio Léniz (Chile), Dr. Manuela Berrocal (Colombia), and mexican plastic surgeons Jose Luis Haddad, Manuel García Velasco and Rafael Vergara.

Each gave their perspectives on each of its techniques, such as Lipoabdominoplasty of Saldanha , the technic of mammoplasty in LJ (as fervently defends Dr. Berrocal) breast reconstruction (Dr Haddad) , subfascial technique of breast augmentation (Dr. Léniz) and buttock augmentation with implants by Dr. Vergara , as well as other issues raised by them, and others. The most controversial topics arose over the effects that occur in patients attempting gluteal augmentation performed with unapproved substances scientifically . The images we saw were so devastating , that during the conference we made ​​the following comment :

@DoctorEstevez: ” Terrifying complications appearing in patients who inject unapproved substances into the buttocks . Please don’t do this!”

My recommendation at this point still stands. The substances used without proper certification can result in a very difficult aftermath, leaving from permanent injury, even death.

The social activities couldn’t be left appart , which is why we shared with colleagues at the Gala Dinner of the activity , which was enlivened by Eddy Herrera , and where we had a very special moment, so we also thank the organizing committee for giving this evening .

Following this conference, we continued our normal routine for a few days , until Thursday September 19th, when we left for Sao Paolo, Brazil , to take part in the “Body Contour Sao Paolo 2013” a symposium dedicated strictly to Body Contouring, and special emphasis on the augmentation gluteoplasty (gluteal surgery) with implants.

The symposium, organized by renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Raul Gonzalez, was held at the Renaissance Hotel Sao Paolo from Friday 20 to Sunday September 22,with an intensive schedule of 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 pm for three days. The session included a satellite broadcast and live surgical procedures related to the program, such as: Buttock augmentation with implants, Male Pectoral Implants , Biceps Implants, and Calf Implants.

In the activity we were in contact with world authorities in their respective areas, such as Dr. Raul Gonzalez (BRA), Dr. Rafael Vergara (MEX) , Dr. JH Aboudib (BRA) , Dr. Celso Bohorquez (COL) , Dr . Constantino Mendieta (USA) , Dr. Fernando Serra (BRA) , Carlos Jaimovich (BRA) , Dr. Osvaldo Saldanha (BRA) ; who are experts in gluteal augmentation with implants and body remodeling with lipo – transfer (lipoinjection) .

About implants in other parts of the body, exposed: Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Vergara in calf implants, Dr. Luis Haroldo Pereira (BRA) on male pectoral implants, and Dr. Ivan Abadesso (BRA) for implants to increase arms (biceps and triceps).

That first night, the welcome cocktail took place, where we got to meet with the lecturers and share time with colleagues. The event was held at the National Club, Pacaembu .

After a long opening day, our second day of activity began with a live presentation of surgical procedures, and in the afternoon session was held on “Body Lifting ” and buttock lift through flaps. The scientific level remained at its highest level, being lectured by Jean F. Pascal (FRA), Sodri Sozer (USA), Joseph Hunstad (USA) , among others.

After this session, Prof. Ivo Pitanguy, proffesor of a whole generation of plastic surgeons, gave a master lecture entitled “Trochanteric Buttocks Lifting and Posterior Contour Surgery before and after liposuction”. At the end of his participation, the audience gave him a deserved standing ovation. Undoubtedly, the most emotional moment of the symposium, and an incredible honor for me to be part of that moment.

The final sessions on important topics hovered Patient Safety and Plastic Surgery, Pulmonary Thromboembolism Prevention, Management of complications of buttock surgery, and new technologies for the management of Body Contouring.

At the end of the symposium, we headed to Guarulhos International Airport (GRU), to take the flight back to our country, proud to provide all this knowledge to our patients and the dominican population, because we were the only representative of the Dominican Republic in the activity.

Our commitment to continuing medical education is unwavering , so we assure that we will provide at the Centro Policlínico Nacional the latest techniques available in the field of plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Rafael Estevez takes part of important scientific meetings in September

  1. Christian says:

    Buen dia Dr., yo soy delgado y no tengo grasa corporal, hay algun tipo de grasa generica o que no sea mia q se pueda utilizar para el relleno, es poca la Cantidad que necesito y me parece muy interesante el Procedimiento. Ademas el acido hialuronico es costoso y no es permanente como la grasa. Yo necesito delinear un poco los pectorales, hay alguna sustancia q se pueda utlizar? y Agradezco mucho su respuesta. La espero con ansiedad.
    Saludo atentamente a Ud.

    • Hola Christian. Fuera del àcido hialurònico, solo la misma grasa del paciente puede utilizarse en forma segura como material de relleno. Para aumentos mayores, se pueden utilizar implantes de silicon para pectorales.

      Cualquier otra duda, a la orden.

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