Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Dominican Republic

The price of maternity

Maternity is a memorable stage on most women lifes. Since teen age, every woman dreams about having a family and children. That makes them go thru one of the more upsetting periods of life: pregnancy. While pregnant, the woman prepares its abdomen for the soon to be born. Aproximately 9 months later, the miracle occurs, and a new baby is born.

That joy, unmatched by other, leaves sequels that sooner or later affect the woman’s self-esteem: abdominal flaccidity, skin striations everywhere, an increase in fat deposits; among others.

If you feel that this story resembles your case, then maybe you could qualify for an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

The abdominoplasty is the procedure by which, using an incision in the lower abdomen, you resect (take out) the redundant abdominal tissue (dermolipectomy), and correct the defects on the abdominal wall, specially  the Rectus abdominis Diastasis (excesive separation between the rectus abdominis muscles, that occurs during pregnancy, and then cannot close the space again, therefore producing abdominal flaccidity).

If you dare, then congratulations! PLASTIC SURGERY has a solution for you. Visit a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon, who will then evaluate you if you indeed qualify for surgery.

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