Is there no chance that it will heal “ugly” or keloids after plastic surgery?

The healing process is complex and depends on many factors, of which the main corresponds to the patient’s genetic. The surgeon-dependent factors such as surgical technique, are taken into account before your surgery. Notwithstanding this, many factors outside the control of the surgeon.
No way to know if a patient does pathological scars (keloids, hypertrophic scars, wide scars) or not. If there is, as a professional could give a warning before surgery, so do not be surprised with it, decide if operated. There are methods to achieve slow the progression of the same, but it takes assess healing during his post-surgical intervention for the right time, in case it is required. So as to be aware that the possibility of occurrence of pathological scarring is an inherent risk of surgery, which can not be predicted, controlled or completely.

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